Try Posting Amusing Content To Get More Instagram Likes.

News 06:07 July 2020:

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If you want the videos and photos, you are posting to generate many Instagram likes, consider posting entertaining content away from your personal content. This is because humor works out for everyone that will understand whatever you are passing across and may even go viral if it gets enough visibility. Also, you get more followers if the content amuses them consistently as they will tag their followers to your post always. If you choose to post humorous content to gain Instagram likes, consider the following ideas as you get started.

Photos; you can post fun pictures that are completely out of the norm like costumes, people, or just embarrassing moments that people get on various occasions. Post photos that you followers are likely to associate with without looking like something out of this planet.

Videos; prank videos work well here. Make them short with or without sound to keep the viewers attention to the end. Let them be self-explanatory and funny if you want them to scroll your timeline for more of the same. Interchange the two often as you engage your followers.