How to get Thousands of Free Instagram Views with Proper Marketing

News 04:12 December 2019:

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Now that Instagram allows videos up to 60 seconds long, there is no business that should ever complain of not having a platform to market themselves with the use of videos.As a person, you can also promote your brand on Instagram with interesting videos and increase your following, especially now that video marketing is such a hot topic. However, knowing how to market your videos or what videos to post in the first place can be the beginning of a long journey towards becoming a famous Instagram user.

So, what do we know about video marketing on Instagram so far? According to Mist media, video marketing has the power to increase click-through rates by up to 90%, especially when complemented with email marketing. Another research shows that about 46% of Internet users are more likely to follow a person if they loved the first video they watched on their timeline. And finally for professional marketers, watching videos increases content retention by up to 10% higher compared to surfing through websites.

What these Statistics mean

To people who already have a following on Instagram, gaining more free Instagram views is only the easy part. You actually only have one role when you already have a huge following; post interesting and fresh videos from time to time. And as you probably know, videos have a lot more benefits than you would imagine. But to help you understand how to make the best out of these videos, continue reading below.

Video marketing or using videos on Instagram to increase your following can be completed through a number of ways.

  • Making a profile video
  • How-to-video
  • Testimonial video
  • Video Interview
  • Humorous Videos
  • Behind the scenes action
  • The arrival of a new product video
  • A thank you message to your fans
  • Service Highlight video

Each video type usually has its own effect. When you make a profile video to introduce your brand for instance, you will probably not enjoy a lot of free Instagram views. However, by the time you work your way through to highlighting your products through videos, you’ll probably have grown into a big brand and your Instagram views will be in the thousands. But as you may have seen through experience, every type of video will have some impact on your growth as a brand. Some of these videos for instance will help increase your engagement with customers, while others will simply make them feel happy to be following you. All the same, here are some of the main benefits posting videos will give you as a brand.


Written words alone can hardly be used to prove your credibility as an authority in any field. When used alongside pictures, you can start to convince people that you are worth following. However, using Instagram videos alongside written text can greatly help clarify what kind of an Instagram user you are. As a business also, posting testimonial videos can really add credibility to your brand. And besides credibility, testimonials really increase the viewership of your videos in general. Testimonials are after all some of the most watched videos on YouTube, because customers love to hear what other customers have to say about your product before buying it.f2


If your current goal on Instagram is to increase the number of free Instagram views you receive per your every post, then profile videos and service highlight videos can help you with that. Actually, any interesting video posted on your Instagram account could help you get exposure, because it is a trend these days for people to watch more videos on Instagram than on any other social network. Besides, you can promote your Instagram account on other social networks and see your exposure increase drastically within a short period of time.

Creating Interest

One of the most underrated benefits of Instagram videos is their power to create interest in a product. Professional marketers are already aware of this benefit however, and they create the best sales pitches before posting testimonial videos on their Instagram accounts to have a better impact. The good thing though is that you can use different type of videos to convince people to buy a product you are offering. You can also make shorter videos to convince your users that they should watch more of your Instagram videos for certain benefits you will give them.

They Create a Sense of Connection

Sometimes using beautiful pictures cannot create the emotional connection toa product you may intend. However, using great Instagram videos and especially testimonials often have a way of making people feel a connection to your product. They will probably also see the need to share your video so that their followers too can have experience the same connection. In the end, you will have more sales and more free Instagram video views.

After knowing that there are advantages in posting Instagram videos, it is probably gratifying to know that the trends toward viewing more videos on mobile phones could have the exact impact you would wish for. People now spend more time watching videos on Instagram and reading books or magazines. On Instagram particularly, more people are now watching videos than scrolling through other people’s pictures. And this means therefore that you will definitely receive more Instagram views on your videos in the future as you do at the moment. And should you also increase your content and your marketing strategy, the future looks bright for someone who wants to have as many people watch their Instagram videos as possible.

Finally, you really don’t have to be a professional video shooter to have videos that receive the highest number of free video views. People on Instagram are actually more forgiving than their YouTube counterparts, although this is no excuse to produce below par videos. All the same, always try to remain authentic and only post a video if it will be interesting for your average follower. Also, make it a habit to post videos regularly, so that people can keep visiting your timeline to watch these videos.