Facts about a  weather station?

News 02:11 November 2019:

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A weather station is a particular facility that is either set up on land or the sea that has specialized instruments that will be used to measure and record atmospheric conditions of an area. The measured conditions will help in providing information, data and aid in prediction of the weather patterns

Some specialized instruments and equipment are found in a weather station. These devices assist in the smooth running of the station’s functions. As a result help in analyzing and predicting the weather patterns of an area. These Instruments in the facility include:

  • Thermometer– This is a unique instrument that measures and records the atmospheric temperature of a place. It comprises of the sensor and the scale. The sensor is a bulb of mercury which changes when the temperature of an area change. The recorded variations are then converted into numerical values by the scale.
  • A barometer– This is a scientific instrument that is used to measure the atmospheric pressure of a specified locality. The pressure on a place plays a huge role in predicting the weather forecast of an area. Numerous measurements of the air pressure are used in the foretelling of the weather patterns.
  • Hygrometer– This is a unique instrument that is used to measure and record the water vapor and humidity of a place. The humidity measurement, however, depends on some weather elements like temperature, pressure, the mass of the water absorbed into the atmosphere.
  • Anemometer-This specialized equipment is used in measuring the speed and direction of the wind blowing at a specific location.
  • The rain gauge -This is a dedicated equipment that is used in a weather station to collect and measure the liquid precipitation or the rainwater collected in a specific area.

Having a weather station whose function is to help in climate analysis of an area has numerous benefits. They include:

  • Proper planning in home improvement activities like painting, gardening among others. When one is aware of the future climate thanks to the predictions of the station, can plan to carry out the above among other activities in the suitable weather conditions. Some activities like gardening and taking care of the lawn might depend on the rainwater collected by the rain gauge.
  • Preparations for natural conditions like storms, some advanced weather stations have modern instruments that can predict coming conditions like storms. This way, safety, measures can be put in place for both the human beings and the animal life. Instruments like the barometer can predict and indicate dangerous weather approaching with the various atmospheric pressure recorded. This will help an area to be prepared for any impending calamities that might be related to the weather patterns.


  • Ability to get specific weather conditions of an area– depending on general meteorological reports can be misleading because they predict the climate patterns for a significant big region. With the presence of a weather station, more accurate and specific and reliable weather patterns of an area will be predicted.
  • Personal planning -This refers to having the ability to decide on individual issues like dressing comfortably with the weather. Having the weather well predicted, one can decide on what to wear as they go on with their activities. At the same time, the outdoor activities and events can be planned with ease and confidence with the knowledge of the upcoming weather conditions thanks to the weather station.

Having explored the advantages of the weather station, we cannot rule out the disadvantages that come with the set up of this facility. These include:

  • They are expensive to set up because of the individual functions a station is supposed to carry out, the instruments needed do not come cheaply. The equipment to enable the facility to be up and running are quite costly to obtain.
  • Some of these stations need workforce to monitor and record the functions of the instrument. This is especially true if its manual weather station that cannot record and analyze the tasks on its own.

Most small offices and homes have seen the need and importance of setting up their weather station and having the ability to analyze and predict there are climate patterns. This has given them an advantage over the people relying on the general weather forecast which is not accurate, Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, the benefits of this facility cannot be ignored.