Automatic likes gives you a sound foundation

News 02:11 November 2019:

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A lot has been written about automatic likes and most people have made it look like you are crying for media attention.  Is that true?  Not really what happens is that it gives you a chance to create a base that you can stand on.  Anything even when building a house you will need a strong foundation.  Likes therefore, are the basis where your platform will find route and their standing.  So in the real essence they should not be considered to be a media attention strategy.

There are several ways to make yourself be heard on the social media platform, you can blog, you can post photos, you can comment on other’s people’s posts whatever you do will definitely increase your following you need to be also be able to follow others and like them.  But however much time you spend on social media, you will need to consider investing in automatic likes.  It is a great way to create a great media presence.    It will give you the chance to effectively build your presence faster than you think.

Disadvantages of auto likes

With many people operating social media accounts now days being famous goes beyond the ability to set up an account. With restrictions on the number of friends and followers, one can have many engagements and operations are likely to be limited. With these limitations the need of using third parties application has considerably risen, the applications include auto likes. We tend to judge the authenticity of social media pages depending on the traffic flowing and associated to it. Purchasing such is the surest way to gain fast popularity, but we need to step back and assess the pros and cons of this approach. Questions like Is it worth really should be asked? One needs to understand the cons of these applications and decide if they will manage to engage them in their social pages.

1.An account risk  losing reputation;

The use of third party applications is no longer a myth or information that people are not aware of. Everyone knows how they work or operate and can tell when they have been incorporated to your social media account or not. If today you get 80 likes and tomorrow you getting 500 likes, that is evidence already that it is not genuine. What will your friends think of such strategy? You will fail to command their respect and will believe they are not engaging the real you but rather you giving them bots. You just lost reputation and respect abruptly without foreseeing it coming.

  1. Becoming a spammer

When a social account engages an auto liker application, it promotes itself by sharing links on one’s account, friends personal walls, groups liked on social media like Facebook, all these happen automatically in the name of your account. When these happens, you will be violating the Facebook policies, and you are risking your account from being closed.

  1. Your account risk being hacked

When you engage an auto likes application, you will be provided with login credentials, and they should be treated with utmost care and keep them safe. Autolikers will prompt you to like unwanted status and photos of people unknown to you,

  1. Risking being blocked by Facebook.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has a strict policy against spammers and fake accounts being operated. All these can be achieved by engaging an auto likes applications. If identified as a spammer, you risk your account being closed, permanently disabled and even blocked from posting in groups and commenting on friends status. Facebook has strived to make a friendly environment for its users, and this provides a secure and comfortable environment in every successful online business.

With the four outlined disadvantages of auto likes, it all goes back to an account user to decide if they are willing to engage an auto liker application or not. If you are genuine and true to yourself, keep your real identity in your social media accounts, be content with the few likes that you receive and with time they will increase in number. Always bear in mind the excitement of ” fake” likes is short lived.